Council Organization Meeting

The Amery City Council met for an organization meeting yesterday afternoon at 5:00 p.m.

Special appointments included:

Council President             Rick Davis

Building Inspector            Craig Moriak

Weed Commissioner       Allen (‘Bones) McCarty

Safety Coordinator           Jeff Mahoney

The Amery Free Press was designated as the Official Newspaper.

All banks in Amery were designated depository institutions for the city.

Fran Hawksford was sworn in as a new member of the City Planning Commission. New members of the Tourism committee sworn in were Paul Isaakson from the A-E-D-C, Dan Young, Amery Community Club, Davo Forrest of the Forest Inn Motel, and Fran Duncanson, Clerk-Treasurer. New members of the Library board include Heidi Williamson and Cathy Loverude.

All other members of boards, committees and commissions remain the same.

The meeting adjourned about 5:25p.m.